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How to import MSAS cubes in Congnos Express 10.2.1

One of the new features with IBM Cognos Express (CX) 10.2.1 is that it supports Microsoft Analysis Services (MSAS) cubes. So we are going to demonstrate how you can import MSAS cubes in Cognos Express.

vangelisk November 12, 2013IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos BI

How to import the new visualisation charts into IBM Cognos BI

The new visualisation engine from IBM (RAVE) looks amazing and within this article we will show you how to access the charts and use them within report studio. Note that they can be used in traditional reporting and active reports.

vangelisk November 5, 2013IBM Cognos BI

SPSS Modeler 15 - How to use the Auto Classifier Node

IBM SPSS Modeler V15.0 enables you to build predictive models to solve business issues, quickly and intuitively, without the need for programming. In this demonstration we are going to show, how you can use the "Auto-Classifier Node".

vangelisk November 5, 2013IBM SPSS

How to use TM1 attributes in Report Studio

TM1 best practice guides recommend using codes for creating hierarchies and using names as aliases. With TM1 it is also very common to work with various other attributes.

vangelisk October 31, 2013IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1IBM Cognos BI

Hot to install IBM SPSS Modeler 15 Client

Installing SPSS Modeler 15 client is an easy task. Below you can find detailed steps on how to do it.

vangelisk October 30, 2013IBM SPSS

How to use SPSS Modeler and Time Series algorithms to forecast revenues

A planning exercise typically involves a batch of spreadsheets, which probably look chaotic and consumes a lot of time to maintain. A much better, more efficient and optimised option is to use specialised software for this work, like TM1.

vangelisk October 30, 2013IBM SPSS

Application Maintenance TI Process Package

This is a transferred out package contains a number of turbo integrator processes that demonstrates the use of application maintenance utility. This TI process package can by imported directly into an existing TM1 server instance, or run from a completely separate stand-alone TM1 server instance.

Ben.Hill October 28, 2013IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Triggering Processes from Workflow

In this new version of TM1, 10.2, a new feature has been added to enable the change of workflow state of a node to trigger TI processes. A preset TI process can be triggered immediate before and immediate after the workflow action.

matthewk September 20, 2013IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Managing Applications from Command Line

In this new release of TM1 10.2, a new feature has been added to allow users to perform application maintenance using command line, or in a batch file. The main purpose of this utility is to automate some of the application maintenance, using a combination of standard TI processes and TI processes that execute commands available in this utility.

matthewk September 18, 2013IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1

Generating a Time Dimension in Performance Modeler

Almost all TM1/Cognos Express applications will require a time dimension, and creating a time dimension has never been easier, with Time Dimension Tool provided in performance modeller. Here are a few simple steps: Start up performance modeller, log onto IBM CX/TM1 Planner Applications (http://<server host>:9300/pmpsvc) and click the performance modeller icon on the top right corner , then select a TM1 server instance.

Ben.Hill September 17, 2013IBM Cognos ExpressIBM Cognos TM1